American Standard Comfort Connect


WHY Comfort Connect?

As a team, our dealer council helped us to determine the best way to increase the number of qualified leads to our dealers: By offering online visitors more educated product choices, giving them price range estimates, and making the dealer scheduling process as simple as possible.




·       24-Hour Sales Tool: American Standard Comfort Connect works for you all day, every day, keeping sales moving automatically.

·       Qualified Lead Generation: The self-vetting buyer process means that those contacting you are more likely to be ready to buy.

·       Tracking the Sales Process: Now dealers can see who, what, where, when, and how—tracking the entire process from first contact to installation and beyond.

·       Master Your Product Line: Comfort Connect makes dealers the masters of their product lines, helping you attract the most loyal and eager buyers.

·       Lost Lead Catcher: Comfort Connect keeps prospective buyers from leaving the American Standard website to search elsewhere for pricing information, so they’re ready to take the next step—scheduling with your dealership.



·       Empowerment: Now your customers can easily and quickly determine the right product for their home.

·       Transparency: When customers come to our site, questions about pricing are top of mind. When customers can see pricing, they feel comfortable moving quickly to the next step.

·       Convenience: By making information easier to find, we make it easier for your customers to buy.

·       Scheduling: Now scheduling an appointment with a dealer is simple, straightforward, accurate—and easier than ever, online.

·       Connectivity: Dealers can confirm appointments and stay connected with customers during the entire process, through  installation and beyond. 

·       Best First Impression: Comfort Connect sets dealers up for success, making a great first impression on your customers, and keeping them happy, informed, and moving forward toward a purchase from your dealership.