When it comes to geothermal system maintenance, a combination of homeowner care, including following the owner’s manual maintenance instructions, and annual service performed by an American Standard Customer Care dealer will keep the system operating at peak performance. Keeping up with regular geothermal system preventative maintenance can help your system last anywhere from 35 to 50 years. Here are a few maintenance tips for homeowners, as well as a summary of annual maintenance checks that will be performed by an American Standard technician.

Geothermal system maintenance for homeowners

In order to fully benefit from the perks of a geothermal energy and save as much as 15% on your energy bills, it’s important to perform regular at-home geothermal maintenance. Things you can do at home tokeep up on your geothermal maintenance include:

  • Keeping the level of your fluids stocked. Geothermal systems usually use water or a combination of water and refrigerant.
  • Regularly checking the temperature of your heat system to makesure it is operating normally.
  • Changing or cleaning the filter in the air handler unit as often as is recommended by your owner’s manual.
  • Replacing the filter on the geothermal ground loop system.

Performing these geothermal system maintenance steps, along with regular visits from an American Standard Customer Care Dealer, willhelp keep larger issues from interrupting the system’s ability to heat and cool your home. Taking care of small concerns before they turn into larger mechanical issues can also prevent more serious issues,saving you money in the long run.

Professional geothermal system preventative maintenance

An American Standard Customer Care dealer can help you with your annual geothermal system maintenance. In addition to following these geothermal maintenance tips, it’s also a good idea to have your geothermal system inspected by a HVAC professional annually. A dealer can come to your home to assess your current HVAC situation andperform thorough HVAC preventative maintenance, including performing geothermal system preventative maintenance.