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Efficiency = Savings

Save up to 62% in energy costs with an ultra efficient American Standard.*

Chart showing potential increased energy savings per year with higher SEER rated air conditioners: 20% savings with 10 SEER, 33% savings with 12 SEER, 38% savings with 13 SEER, 47% savings with 15 SEER, 50% savings with 16 SEER, 56% savings with 18 SEER, 60% savings with 20 SEER, 62% savings with 21 SEER.

*Savings based on the rating of a matched system.

Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction and installation of equipment and duct system.

Cooling Features
  • SEER RATING Measures air conditioner or heat pump cooling efficiency. A higher number means greater efficiency and lower energy costs.
  • HSPF A ratio for the heating efficiency of heat pumps. An HSPF > 8 is considered high efficiency.
  • COOLING STAGES Variable or multi stage systems offer more precise temperature control and run more efficiently.
  • SOUND LEVEL The lower the number, the quieter it is. (Conversation - 60, Vacuum Cleaner - 70).

More than heating and cooling

Whether you're looking to remove airborne allergens or add heat to a new room, there's a reliable American Standard solution for you.