Geothermal Comparison

Your home’s comfort shouldn’t be disruptive. American Standard systems work smarter to keep your home’s temperature consistent. Comfort
Hot water option
EER efficiency (up to)
Vortica™ Advanced Airflow System
Compatible with Standard-size filters
Vertical airflow
Horizontal airflow
Coated air coil
Corrosion-proof drain pan
Corrosion-resistant finish
Unique Cabinet Design
Fully Enclosed Insulation
All-Aluminum Coil
No Leak drain pan
Recessed screws
Insulated cabinet
Brazed plate heat exchanger
From ENERGY STAR® -qualified products to geothermal options, there are myriad ways for your HVAC system to be more energy and cost-efficient. Efficiency
Cooling stages allow the air conditioner’s compressor to run at a very high level for hot summer days and at a lower level for milder days. Cooling Stages
Energy Star
Heating Stages
Two-stage compressor
Variable-capacity compressor
Single-stage compressor
Extra-large coil surface
Variable-speed fan motor
High efficiency fan motor
Dedicated hydronic loop
Hydronic heating and cooling
10 year warranty on parts and labor
10 year limited warranty on internal† functional parts with registration*
10 year limited warranty on functional parts with registration*_attr
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