With ENERGY STAR®-qualified air conditioners, heat pumps , furnaces , and other home energy products, you get thecomfort you want with the energy savings that ensure your investmentworks smarter for you and your family. ENERGY STAR® is a voluntarylabeling program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and theEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote awareness ofenergy-efficient products.

As a government-backed program, ENERGY STAR® is helping businessesand individuals reduce energy costs and protect the environmentthrough superior energy efficiency. In order to qualify for ENERGYSTAR®, heating and cooling units must meet or exceed minimumefficiency ratings. With a proper load calculation for the right-sizedHVAC system and one of American Standard Heating & AirConditioning’s ENERGY STAR® products, you can keep your utility billsdown and reduce energy costs.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has partnered withthe EPA to ensure our HVAC systems work smarter. We label ourhigh-efficiency systems with the ENERGY STAR® certified label so thatconsumers can easily make the choice to keep their home comfortablewhile keeping energy usage down. In turn, this also makes it easy foryou to identify higher-efficiency products that can help reducegreenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint.