HVAC Coils

Guarantee your central air conditioning system's reliability and efficiency with a matched American Standard indoor coil.  Our HVAC coils are designed to transfer heat in order to keep your home comfortable all year long.

  • Platinum Indoor Coil

    Platinum Indoor Coil

    A strong and sturdy all-aluminum indoor coil.

    • An essential part of your matched system
    • Superior efficiency and heat transfer
    • Lasting durability and peace of mind


    • Your home’s comfort shouldn’t be disruptive. American Standard systems work smarter to keep your home’s temperature consistent. Comfort
    • From ENERGY STAR® -qualified products to geothermal options, there are myriad ways for your HVAC system to be more energy and cost-efficient. Efficiency
    • One size doesn’t always fit all—and neither does pricing. Visit our pricing page to learn more. Price