Tips for Moving Into a New Home

From deep cleaning to painting, get tips on everything you need to do when you move into a new home.

September 6, 2022
A woman holds a moving box as a man and child continue to pack more boxes

From movers to inspections to packing, there’s a lot to plan and prepare for when moving into a new home. To make your move go as smooth as possible, be sure to check the following items off your list before arranging and decorating your new space:

  • Pest exterminator: If you are able to get the keys to your new home before the moving van arrives, have an exterminator come to the house to make sure you are not moving in with any uninvited guests.
  • Deep clean: Take advantage of your still-empty home to give it a good, deep clean. Cleaning the floors, baseboards, and windows will be easier without any furniture in the way.
  • Painting: While your new home is empty, you may also want to paint any rooms you feel need to be spruced up. Painting is always easier if you don’t have to rearrange furniture, plus you won’t have to worry about getting paint on your belongings.
  • HVAC system inspection and cleaning: If the previous owners of your home did not have a heating and cooling inspection, it may be something you want to do before moving in. An HVAC system inspection and cleaning gets rid of dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria, and ensures your system is running efficiently.

How to get an HVAC system inspection fromAmerican Standard

An American Standard Customer Care dealer, can assist you with a heating and cooling inspection and cleaning. Remember to include the cost of an HVAC inspection in your moving budget to make sure your heating and cooling system works when you need it most.

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