American Standard® Home App

Controlling your comfort just got a whole lot easier.

Introducing American Standard Home — our all new app that brings comfort to your fingertips. Simply connect the American Standard Home App to your American Standard smart thermostat and begin regulating your temperature, setting your schedule, and more from virtually anywhere, anytime.

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Comfort at your fingertips

Virtually wherever, you have the power to keep things just as you like at home. Control the temperature in your home before you walk in the door, so every entry feels just right.

Alexa, it's warm in here. An Alexa unit controls smart home technology.

Control you can trust

If you’re going on a trip, or even just out for the day, you can trust the American Standard Home App to control your home temperature while you’re away.

A smart phone displaying the temperature on the ASA home app.

Efficiency that saves

Easily enable an energy saving schedule from your American Standard smart thermostat, then modify it in the app to your liking in order to optimize energy use.

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Download the American Standard Home App and take control of your HVAC system today.

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Peace of mind with American Standard Diagnostics

Opt-in to our American Standard Diagnostics program to share system details with your HVAC dealer, so they can catch and fix problems early.


Save time and money

Regular insight into how your system is performing allows your dealer to come prepared to fix issues fast.


Contactless service

Approve remote access to your system, so your dealer can evaluate your system without stepping foot in your home.


Easy enrollment

Opting in to American Standard Diagnostics is an easy one-time process. Enroll your system on the app or online in a few simple steps.

Lock We’re serious about your security

American Standard Diagnostics only lets your dealer access information about how your HVAC system is performing. Your dealer will not get access to any other device in your home, including other systems connected to the American Standard Home App. Your data remains encrypted.

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Voice control

Speak up and tell your system what it needs to do! Connect with Alexa® or Google Home® to control your home’s temperature, lights, and more just by talking.

Connect to Google Home® or Alexa®

A man plays with his young sons in their comfortable home.

Accessories that directly integrate

It’s easy to find state-of-the-art accessories that integrate directly with the American Standard Home App. Explore sensors, switches and more to enhance your experience.

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