Dream on a Deadline: American Standard Partners With TV Celebs Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt

Get tips on how to create your dream home from TV couple Brian and Mika Klinschmidt.

September 6, 2022
Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt stand smiling surrounded by wood beams inside of a home being renovated.

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning is excited to announce our partnership with TV home construction stars Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt — a collaboration that underscores our commitment to bringing first-time (or not-so-handy) homeowners quality tips and tricks for creating their dream home.

The Kleinschmidts host the popular home-design series, 100 Day Dream Home, in which they help hopeful homeowners build their dream home from the ground up in just 100 days. Now as our partners, the husband-wife duo will teach a series of new homeownership basics as part of the second semester of our popular Homeowning 01 video series.

We started Homeowning 01 in 2020 to simplify some of the more intimidating aspects of homeownership with help from DIY and construction gurus. During our first semester, we partnered with home renovation experts Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell to give homeowners lessons on dirty vents, finding studs, attaching and removing drill bits and where to put your new furniture.

Now for the Fall 2021 semester, we’re tag-teaming with the Kleinschmidts to bring the same caliber of content to new (and even experienced!) homeowners who could use a little help. Along with sharing their design and construction insights, the Kleinschmidts will also offer their expertise on American Standard’s behalf in media interviews and on social media.

Who are the Kleinschmidts?

Brian and Mika met in 11th grade, but it wasn’t until a decade later that they would reconnect and marry. As it turned out, their separate paths were an ideal match in more ways than one. Brian’s earlier career included construction jobs in college and house flipping after graduation, as well as an entrepreneurial venture in fitness clubs in the wake of the 2008 housing crash. (Fans of reality TV might also recognize him from appearances in The Amazing Race and Shark Tank.)

Mika’s trajectory was a bit of the reverse: starting in fitness training before going into real estate and earning a reputation as a top-tier realtor in the Tampa market. In the process, she realized that many of her clients settled for a less-than-perfect home because they didn’t have the six months or more to build something they’d always dreamed about.

The Kleinschmidts saw that disconnect as an opportunity. By leveraging their complementary skill sets and relationships with many of Tampa’s top contractors, they could trim the homebuilding process down to three months. The new business took off before the paint was even dry on their first project.

Building the Dream

Based on their success and inspired by what they saw within the then-current lineup of remodeling shows, Brian and Mika pitched a series with a different spin: applying their knack for design and spec-home skills to create a new custom home in the perfect location under a speedy deadline.

Brian and Mika’s on-screen chemistry and know-how serves as the foundation for the rapid pace of their show. Mika handles the design and décor facets (and mediates when spouses don’t see eye to eye), while Brian manages the construction phases. With the clock ticking, the building process requires tight scheduling and several trades working at the same time. Suspense builds until the big reveal, which comes with a twist. In addition to homeowners getting a glimpse of their new house for the first time, they also discover a surprise gift that Mika and Brian didn’t tell them about, whether upgraded floors, a kitchen addition, or an over-the-top backyard.

Over the course of two seasons, the Kleinschmidts have delivered a variety of different style homes for clients, ranging from a pair of soon-to-be-married police officers to a former Harlem Globetrotter. In the Season 2 finale, they even built a place of their own. Between that and a hit TV show, Mika and Brian are truly living the dream. And they haven’t missed a deadline yet.

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