Landscaping Around Outdoor Units

Fences, trees, shrubs, and more can all aid in landscaping around your HVAC unit.

September 6, 2022
Two American Standard outdoor HVAC units sit on a bed of mulch and woodchips

While homeowners may love the cool temperatures an A/C unit can provide, they may not love how the unit looks in their yard. There are several ways homeowners can accomplish landscaping around outdoor units – many for a low cost and small time investment.

Fences, walls and storage spaces

Adding fencing around your A/C unit is an easy solution. Choose a fence style that matches other fencing in your yard and the architectural style of your home. You can also paint or stain wood to achieve the exact color you want.

You can also build a natural wall around the unit. It’s the same idea as a fence, but some homeowners prefer the natural look of brick or stone to a wooden fence.

Plants, shrubs and hedges

Plants, hedges and shrubs can also help hide your A/C unit. Choose an evergreen plant for year-round coverage. Plants that lose their leaves should be avoided to reduce the amount of raking you’ll need to do. Hedges are also a popular option, and can be trimmed to whatever height you prefer. Another popular option is to use a trellis with climbing plants like ivy or grape vine.

When choosing your shrubs or hedges, ensure that the plants chosen can thrive with constant warm air blowing from the unit. No matter what type of plant you choose, be sure to maintain and trim them regularly to prevent over crowding your A/C unit. You should also be sure to clear the area of twigs, leaves and other debris that can restrict airflow around the unit.

Whether building a fence or planting a natural boundary around your outdoor unit, ensure you leave enough space for safe and efficient operation of the unit. If you have additional questions about landscaping ideas around air conditioning units, contact your American Standard Customer Care dealer.

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