AccuLink™ Communicating System

The AccuLink™ Communicating System is American Standard’s integrated and self-configuring system that makes it possible for your HVAC components to automatically talk to each other. It also lets you remotely adjust settings through the Home App and provides proactive alerts so you know your system is working at its best.

Only certain furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, and smart thermostats are AccuLink™ compatible. With the AccuLink™ system, you can program your system including zoning systems for optimal comfort. This system also has Z-Wave® device compatibility, allowing you to control other smart home features such as lighting, security, and more. 

In addition, you can allow remote diagnostics capability for your local American Standard dealer. Once you opt-in, your smart thermostat sends data about your HVAC system to your local dealer. This enables them to get a snapshot of the health of your system and detect possible issues. If you enable Remote Access, they can remotely troubleshoot or fix some problems remotely.

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