Why Is American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Changing Refrigerants?

Learn Why Technology and Sustainability Go Together.

February 20, 2024

Home cooling is transitioning to new refrigerants to charge the HVAC systems of tomorrow – and help combat global warming.

Industries worldwide are embracing greener solutions in response to environmental concerns. The HVAC industry, in particular, is undergoing a major shift toward sustainability, highlighted by the transition to more environmentally conscious refrigerants. New refrigerants are less damaging to the Earth’s atmosphere, and the transition will change how we use energy in a way that reduces carbon emissions. 

American Standard’s Commitment to Sustainability

American Standard commits to using low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants in HVAC products by 2025. This commitment is in line with global environmental goals and new federal regulations

We are committed to moving away from fossil fuels through fully electric and hybrid systems, offering more energy-efficient products, incorporating more eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and have dedicated countless hours to sourcing lower GWP refrigerants that exceed government regulations.

American Standard utilizes new technology and sustainable practices to create energy-efficient HVAC products. These products can assist in saving energy and decreasing your carbon footprint. Transitioning refrigerants is another step in helping to ensure a sustainable future.


Why Is Refrigerant Part of This Transition?

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems use refrigerant to transfer heat and facilitate the cooling process. It absorbs heat and moves it in or out of the home to help maintain the desired temperature.

Refrigerants traditionally have contained hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). HFCs are potent greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming when released into the atmosphere. They have a high GWP, meaning they have a significantly greater impact on the ozone layer when compared to carbon dioxide. 

Refrigerants with HFCs contribute to environmental challenges such as global warming.  American Standard is working to reduce our environmental impact by switching to new refrigerants that have a much lower GWP. The entire HVAC industry is involved in the same transition.

Countless Hours of Research for High-Performance, Low GWP Alternatives

American Standard is gradually switching to new, more sustainable refrigerants, starting with the adoption of R-454B for use in our residential products. We will start by using it in the Silver 15 heat pump, in 2024.  The phased approach will assure homeowners that all units will surpass safety standards. 

For over 100 years, we’ve designed and manufactured some of the most awarded, well-engineered heating and cooling equipment and earned a reputation for doing things right. American Standard’s decision to shift to R-454B refrigerant was made after rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance. 

Electric heat pumps are known for being energy efficient. American Standard has redesigned the Silver 15 SEER2 heat pump to leverage R-454B refrigerant, resulting in one of the most affordable solutions for energy-efficient heating and cooling. The new heat pump qualifies for many incentive opportunities, including the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit expanded under the 2020 Inflation Reduction Act.

Refrigerant Innovation for a Better Tomorrow 

Backed by engineering excellence and an innovative spirit, American Standard is committed to a greener future and is ready to assist homeowners throughout the process. Transitioning to a new refrigerant with a lower GWP is a large step in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

American Standard's Expert Guidance: Compatibility, Efficiency, and Cost-Effectiveness

American Standard provides dependable HVAC solutions built to a higher standard. Engineered excellence means superior energy efficiency, reliability, and continuing innovation help ensure that when you choose American Standard for your HVAC system, you’re getting a system you can count on. Every HVAC product offers a balanced mix of performance, safety, and environmental responsibility.

American Standard's experts can provide helpful guidance on compatibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness during repairs or replacements. We also help you address financial considerations, with comprehensive informationon pricing, incentives, and financing.

Contact your local American Standard dealer to learn more and get personalized, safe, and reliable eco-friendly home comfort suggestions. American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning. Built to a Higher Standard.

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