Heating and Cooling Purchase Process

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Step 1

Consider your home environment.

  • Do your utility bills seem too high?
  • Do youhave rooms that are always too hot or too cold?
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies?
  • Does your home already have ductwork?
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Step 2

Design a system that’s perfect for your home.

  • Let us know your region
  • Describe the size and structure of your home
  • Discuss your average energy use
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Step 3

Take inventory.

Be prepared with the:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial numbers
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Step 4

Schedule your in-home visit.

  • Ask as many questions as you'd like via phone, email, and in person
  • Be sure to ask your dealer about financing options
  • Bring your past few energy bills to talk about your current usage
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Step 5

Installation and follow-up.

From your first meeting to installation to follow-ups, our Customer Care dealers will provide:

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Expert installation
  • Customer satisfaction
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Step 6

Maintenance and seasonal check-ups.

Proper maintenance can also keep your energy bill from getting out of control.

  • For heating and cooling systems, perform maintenance in the spring and fall
  • For cooling only systems, perform maintenance at least once a year, before the cooling season
  • Expert installation
  • For cooling only systems, perform maintenance at least once a year, before the cooling season
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