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first, tell us a little about your home:

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Tell us about your needs and we’ll recommend the right system for you and your home. I'm interested in:

  • heating
  • cooling
  • both

For my:

  • entire home
  • single room

What is the square footage of your home?

  • Less than 1000
  • 1000-2000
  • 2000-3000
  • 3000+

What type of system are you looking for?

  • Split System (Air Handler & Heat Pump)
  • Split System (Air Conditioner & Furnace)
  • Packaged System
  • I don't know
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next, tell us about your energy usage:

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Besides electricity, what other energy sources are available in your home? Different homes have different sources of energy. In order to help you find the best system for you and your family, first find what type of energy source(s) your home uses.

(Choose only if they apply to you. Tool assumes the use of electricity.)

  • oil
  • natural gas
  • propane
  • electricity only

How concerned are you about energy savings?

Not Concerned Very Concerned

Which do you care more about?

Low Purchase Cost Long-Term Savings

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Choose any of the following that concern you: Comfort is more than just about the temperature of your home. Your HVAC system can be tailored to your family’s preferences and health needs.

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  • allergens
  • odor and mold
  • dry air
  • humidity control
  • none
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