Air quality

American Standard has a variety of ways to keep your home comfortable for everyone in your family. Our line of air quality solutions ensures that your air stays cleaner so that allergies are kept at bay and the air is humid enough during the winter months. Keep everything working just as it should with these humidifier maintenance, air ventilator and air filter maintenance tips.

Because a humidifier is condensing water and blowing it into the air, it’s important to remember that humidifiers require regular leaning in order to reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal growth. Consult the product manual before performing any cleaning or humidifier maintenance as there may be special instructions on how to do so. Also, be sure to use an antibacterial/antimicrobial solution and do not use the humidifier again until it completely dries.

Air filter maintenance

Regularly changing the air filter on any HVAC system is critical for its longevity, but it also helps your system work more efficiently. The purpose of the air filter is to trap unwanted allergens, dust and particles from getting into the air you breathe in your home, so it makes sense that when the filter is dirty, your air will also become dirty. Changing the filter on your air cleaner may also help save on energy costs.

To perform air cleaner maintenance by changing the filter, follow these easy steps:

  • Buy a new filter – Check your owner’s manual before buying anew filter—using the right filter is essential, otherwise you run the risk of potentially causing damage to your system.
  • Turn off the unit – Be sure the unit is completely off before attempting to change the filter. If you’re unsure of how to turn it off, turn the breaker off in your electric breaker box.
  • Remove the old filter – Most filters are located on the right side of the system and are easy to slide out. However, some filters may be found internally in your home’s vents. Please contact an American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer if you think may have these internal vents as they need to be replaced by a professional.
  • Insert new filter – Once you’ve removed the old filter, simply slide the new filter into place by using the arrows as an indicator as to which side should be facing in or out.

Air ventilator preventative maintenance

Of course, it’s always best to stop a problem before it starts. Keep an eye on things in your home with these easy DIY tips and tricks:

  • Check the unit for noise and vibration
  • Clean filters
  • Check air supply
  • Lubricate and grease motor and blower bearing
  • Ensure the fan blades are working properly
  • Check the air in let valve and clean if needed
  • Clean supply fan unit

Professional humidifier and air ventilator maintenance

If you sense any of these issues may be happening with your air cleaner or humidifier, contact your local dealer immediately for repair and we can send an American Standard Customer Care dealer to your home to diagnose the problem. You don’t want your system to shut down when you need it most.