HVAC Basics: How to Size an HVAC System

The Goldilocks rule applies to your HVAC system, too. When investing in a new system, you don’t want one that’s too big or too small; you want one that’s just right for your home.

The wrong size system could cost you

Knowing how to size a HVAC system, and investing in the correct size, is a crucial part of purchasing HVAC in order to save yourself time and money down the road. If your system is too large, it will heat or cool your home before being able to remove humidity, which will leave you feeling sticky. Plus, you’ll be spending more in heating and cooling, because you’re paying to change the temperature in a space that isn’t even there. If your system is too small, it will short cycle (start and stop repeatedly) to try and keep up with your temperature needs. This results in a shorter lifespan for your unit, and more energy used, which means money spent on utility bills for you. Luckily, your local independent American Standard dealer can help determine the correct size system for your home based on a room-by-room load calculation to help avoid these problems.

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