HVAC Basics: How Do Hybrid Systems Work

A hybrid system pairs a gas furnace and a heat pump together to give you the best of both HVAC worlds: hot and cool air through one energy-efficient solution.

Why choose a hybrid system

A hybrid system can be good for both the environment and your wallet. In a hybrid system, the gas furnace works to produce heat at a rapid pace when the outside temperature drops, while the heat pump regulates your home in mild and warm conditions. This results in maximum efficiency, which means the system isn’t expending unnecessary energy, and you could be saving money on your utility bills.

Two HVAC units consisting of a hybrid system, including a black rectangular furnace and an ac unit.


Air cleaners can be easily added to almost all systems to help improve air quality

Dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and more have no place in your home. An air cleaner takes your home comfort system to the next level by reducing the level of harmful particles in the air you breathe, plus keeping your rugs and home furnishings cleaner. The American Standard AccuClean® Whole Home Air Cleaner removes up to 99.9% of allergens, 99.9% of Influenza A*, and more than 99% of the surrogate for the virus that causes COVID-19** within 30 minutes from the filtered air in your home.

*As reported by airmid healthgroup in ASCR092142v2 (2015).
**Removal rate based on an area of 1,007 ft3. The AccuClean® Whole Home Air Cleaner, when used in accordance with manufacturer’s directions, is proven to be effective at removing virus particles. Effective removal rate based on independent testing results using MS2 bacteriophage, a bacteria representative of virus-sized particles like SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

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